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9 mm PP-19-01 Submachine Gun (ver. 20)

The 9mm PP-19-01 submachine gun Vityaz-SN (ver. 20) is designed to engage manpower, including manpower protected with personal armor, and unarmored vehicles (passenger vehicles, trucks, etc). The submachine gun is chambered for various 9x19mm ammunition.

Automatics operates on free bolt recoil principle. Trigger mechanism makes it possible to deliver single-shot and automatic fire. The gun is fed from a sector-type magazine.

For comfortable carrying and transportation the sub-machine gun is equipped with the buttstock folding to the receiver left.

The Vityaz-SN can be provided with two types of mounting rails for optical or collimator sights: a Pikatinni rail on the receiver top or a dove-tail side rail. On the base of the front iron sight and forearm there are attachment points for laser target designator, optical flash or fore grip.

The submachine gun can be equipped with a detachable silencer.

The Vityaz-SN has a fastening device that joins two magazines in one block to speed up charging.

Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
Cartridge type
9x19mm PRS, Para, 7N21
Effective range of fire, m
Rate of fire, rds/min
Fire mode
single-shots, automatic
Weight with empty magazine (w/o belt), kg
not more than 2.85
Length, mm:
butt extended
butt folded
Magazine capacity, rds