Cooperation with Angola

The diplomatic relations between the countries date back to November 11, 1975

The diplomatic relations between the countries date back to November 11, 1975. By 1990, at the expense of credits granted by the USSR Angola had established five vocational technical centers, a college, a hospital, two oil facilities, bought numerous aviation, automotive, agricultural, and military equipment, including Mi-type helicopters, MiG-23 aircraft, T-72 tanks, BMP-1 APCs, small arms, etc.

Today’s Angola-Russia trade and economic ties are governed by the Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation of June 23, 1998. To develop and coordinate bilateral trade and economic cooperation, an Angolan-Russian Intergovernmental Committee for Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, and Trade came into being in 2004.

The visit of President Jose dos Santos of Angola to Russia on October 31, 2006 was picked to sign a Government-to-Government Agreement on Military and Technical Cooperation.

The year of 2013 witnessed the approval of a contract for supply of Su-30K fighters, light weapons and small arms, ammunition, tanks and artillery pieces, Mi-17 transport helicopters, as well as spares for Soviet equipment that had been delivered before. 

Angola hosts a representative office of Rostec, Russia’s state corporation, that also projects Rosoboronexport’s interests in the country. Telephone number of the office: (+244222) 432-004, fax: (+244222) 449-997, е-mail: