Cooperation with Greece

The diplomatic relations between the countries date back to March 8, 1924

The diplomatic relations between the countries date back to March 8, 1924. 

July 1993 witnessed the visit of the Russian President to Greece that gave birth to a Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation that would come into force on September 8, 1995. President Konstantinos Stefanopoulos of Greece arrived in Moscow on a reciprocal visit in May 1995.

Since 1993 the countries have exchanged more than 10 official and working visits at the highest level. Cooperation is on between ministries and agencies, as well as the Parliaments.
Russia and Greece have signed 50-plus treaties and agreements, still in force, that govern a wide range of bilateral ties.

Since 1997, Russia and Greece have been running a Commission on Economic, Industrial, and Scientific and Technical Cooperation. Before 2004, it had been an Intergovernmental Commission.

Military and technical cooperation between Russia and Greece started as far back as 1993. It is governed by the respective agreement of October 31, 1995. This document paved the way for the establishment of a Joint Russian-Greek Intergovernmental Committee on Military and Technical Cooperation.

At different times, Russia supplied Greece with SAM systems, air-cushioned landing craft, ATGMs, IFVs, light anti-tank weapons, artillery systems, Mi-26 transport helicopters, as well as small arms for special operations forces. 

Rather effective ties are established between Russian defense entities and Greek manufacturers. Our experience in this domain suggests that offset programs implemented in the course of cooperation significantly stimulate national industry and are instrumental for Greece to master and integrate Russian technologies. Ultimately, they enable Greece to place at its defense facilities counter-orders for manufacturing parts and units for Russian military equipment, as well as its assembly and maintenance. This explains why one of the most promising lines of cooperation in the military and technical domain is considered to be modernization of Soviet/Russian-made military equipment.

Rosoboronexport participated on multiple occasions in Defendory, Greece’s special Army, NAVY, and AF arms exhibition held in Athens since 1978.

Greece hosts a representative office of Rostec, Russia’s state corporation, that also projects Rosoboronexport’s interests in the country. Telephone number of the office: (+30698) 288-21-80, fax: (+30210) 677-88-68, e-mail: