Cooperation with India

Diplomatic relations between both countries were established on April 13, 1947.

Diplomatic relations between both countries were established on April 13, 1947.

By the end of 1980s India had become a strategic partner of the Soviet Union. After a short period of cooling in relations in early 1990s the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin paid a State visit to India in 1993. The visit resulted in

the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation for a period of 20 years.

The leaders of the two countries have repeatedly exchanged official visits as well as maintained close communication at the BRIC (BRICS since 2011) and SCO events.

Indo-Russian relations are strengthened by the Intergovernmental Commission on Trade-Economic, Scientific-Technical and Cultural Cooperation (IGC) co-chaired by Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and by Sushma Swaraj, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of India (since May 2014).

Military-technical cooperation between Russia and India hearkens back to mid 1950s. At present the armed forces of India are 70% equipped with Soviet / Russian weapons.

To coordinate the military-technical cooperation between the two countries the Indo-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation headed by the Defence Ministers of Russia and India was established in 2000. Bilateral relations of the countries are developing under the long-term “Make in India” initiative on military-technical cooperation. The current programme includes the implementation of more than 200 joint projects.

Conditions for servicing the supplied arms and equipment in India are currently being created along with the modernization of Soviet and Russian-made Indian weapons and equipment. Joint production of equipment and weapons for sale in the markets of third countries is also developing.

Joint military training exercises, which have become regular events since 2005, are one of the most important aspects of Indo-Russian military cooperation.

Counter terroristic trainings, naval military exercises such as “Indra” and “Aviaindra” should be singled out of other events of the sort.

Rosoboronexport is a regular participant of the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment “Defexpo”, as well as of the international aerospace exhibition “Aero India”.

There is a representative office of the State Corporation Rostec in India, which ensures the interests of Rosoboronexport. 

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