Defence industrial cooperation of Russia and western countries will continue to increase
09.07.2012 Press release

The delegation of the JSC “Rosoboronexport” will bring to Farnborough 2012 - the 48th International Airshow held from 9th to 15th July 2012 in the United Kingdom - a multitude of advanced defence products as well as new proposals for cooperation with major Western companies in developing and manufacturing weapon systems and military equipment for third countries.

"During FIA 2012 we will hold talks with potential buyers of products made by the Russian defence industrial complex, including aircraft, helicopters, airborne munitions, and air defence systems. We also plan to discuss with our European colleagues joint projects for the development of defence equipment in the interests of third countries", - said Sergei Kornev, head of the delegation and head of the air forces equipment and services export department of the JSC “Rosoboronexport”.

Increased international co-operation in developing and producing weapons, military equipment, separate units and assemblies, as well as in conducting research and development works, would help to satisfy growing demands of customers to the fullest extent. Participation in such defence industrial projects gives Russian specialists the opportunity of adopting new technologies in new Russian defence products.

Besides, learning the experience of foreign partners, mainly those from Western Europe, in improving products quality, upgrading after-sales servicing and maintenance system, as well as protecting intellectual property rights, would be instrumental to Russian defence enterprises in strengthening their positions on these complex issues of international arms trade.

Nowadays the JSC “Rosoboronexport” maintains good relations with many famous European companies which specialise in the development and production of aircraft systems and avionics, engines and other equipment, such as, for instance, Safran Group and Thales International.

Russian technologies and large experience in their application by creating state-of-the-art weaponry are also in demand in a number of European, Asian Pacific and Latin American countries. The JSC “Rosoboronexport” and Russian defence enterprises offer their partners projects for licence production of weapons and military equipment.

Taking into account global trends in developing and producing defence products, Russia attaches great importance to all aspects of co-operation with foreign manufacturers of military and dual-use high-technology items.

Meetings planned by the JSC “Rosoboronexport” on the basis of its policy objectives promise to be interesting and fruitful. They will take place in Farnborough, the town in the suburbs of the British capital which has hosted this world's renowned and highly reputed air show since 1948.

More than 40 Russian companies will be presented at the show, and Russia's exposition will be second only to the US by area. In addition, the Yak-130 Russian combat trainer aircraft, actively promoted for export, is brought to the show by the manufacturer, JSC Irkut Corporation, to demonstrate its flying qualities in the sky of Farnborough. The Yak-130 advanced trainer is very popular in the world arms market.

Russian exhibitors also find it symbolic that this year's Farnborough takes place against the background of the Russian Air Force's centenary which will be marked this August. During 100 years Russian design bureaus and aviation plants have accumulated vast experience in developing and producing the world's best air systems enjoying great popularity in the international market.

At present Sukhoi, MiG, Il, Mi, Kamov and other internationally renowned brands are marketed in all, even most remote, regions - from Asia to Africa, to Latin America. Combat aircraft and airborne munitions take up at least 40 percent of the total exports of the JSC “Rosoboronexport”, and available forecasts show this trend to continue for the next 10 to 15 years. This is why this market segment is perceived by the JSC “Rosoboronexport” as one of the most important.

FIA 2012 air show makes a perfect venue for the defence companies to exhibit their achievements in high technologies. Visitors and participants in the air show will generally be offered promotional materials on the most advanced Russian defence systems, such as: Su-35 super-manoeuvrable multirole fighter, S-30MK2 multirole fighter, MiG-29M/M2 multirole fighters, Yak-130 combat trainer jet (a flying sample), MiG-35 multirole fighter, Il-76MD-90A airlifter, Il-78MK-90 tanker, A-50E airborne early warning aircraft, Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, Mi-35M combat transport helicopter, Ka-31 radar picket helicopter, Mi-28NE and Ka-52 attack helicopters, airborne munitions (air-to-air and anti-radar guided missiles), flight crews training facilities, as well as Buk-M2E and Tor-M2E air defence missile systems, Nebo-SVU two-dimensional ground-based radar, Kasta-2E2 three-dimensional low-altitude all-round surveillance radar, and many others.

The JSC “Rosoboronexport” invites to visit its stand at FIA 2012 all exhibitors and guests who want to learn more about advanced developments of manufacturers of the world-famous reliable and effective combat systems from Russia.


The Yak-130 combat trainer jet provides high training efficiency thanks to superior flight characteristics and the availability of combat modes simulation system on board. Its streamlined and robust design, long service life and autonomous basing capacity ensure high-quality pilot formation within a short time. In addition, the Yak-130 aircraft can be efficiently operated as light combat aircraft.

The Su-35 super-manoeuvrable multirole fighter features 5th-generation fighter technologies and a new uprated extended-life thrust-vectoring engines. Su-35 adopts a real competitive edge thanks to its superior information management system, active electronically and mechanically scanned phased array radar, new navigation and communication aids, highly effective electronic countermeasures system, and up-to-date weapons.

A good deal of sales are made with new modifications of the Mi-17 type helicopters. They are in great demand on the market due to high operational simplicity and reliability as well as rich combat employment experience. Best in their class, Mi-17s are efficiently operated in adverse climates over seas, deserts, highlands and jungles in Asia, Africa, South and North America, and in the Middle East.

The Ka-52 attack helicopter is distinguished by high combat survivability and powerful weaponry. Thanks to the coaxial rotor arrangement the Ka-52 helicopter has a unique manoeuvrability allowing it to perform fast combat turns for taking advantageous attack positions.

One battalion of the multichannel Buk-M2E ADMS can engage 24 air targets approaching from any direction simultaneously at the range of up to 45 to 50 km. It is designed to destroy strategic and tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters andS other air vehicles at all their operational altitudes (from 15 m to 25 km) under enemy’s intensive electronic countermeasures and fire. This weapon system is effective even when employed to engage maritime and ground-based radio-contrast targets.