Rosoboronexport congratulates the Indian Air Force on the 80th anniversary
08.10.2012 Press release

Rosoboronexport congratulates the Indian Air Force on the 80th anniversary and expresses confidence in continuing active Russian-Indian military technical cooperation in aerospace.

Russian-Indian cooperation in military aviation has a long history. India has inducted into service thousands of Soviet- and Russian-made aircraft of various types. Russian aircraft and helicopters are making up today’s basis of the Indian Air Force.

The ongoing military technical cooperation of the two countries is not limited to the procurement of finished products. Its immediate priorities are set in such areas as licence production, joint implementation of research and development projects, and in particular joint development of new generation aircraft. Over a hundred research and development projects are being implemented overall in the interests of India. Russia has no other military technical partnership with such great amount of defence technologies transfer.

With India Russia implements ambitious aerospace projects that should give a strong impetus to the development of Russian and Indian aircraft industries. These high-technology programmes are true indicators of the Russian-Indian strategic cooperation and mutual trust levels.

A vivid example of efficient partnership is licence production of the Su-30MKI multi-role fighter, high combat effectiveness of which was confirmed during international exercises with the participation of most advanced Western-origin aircraft. The Russian-Indian Su-30MKI fighter showed its supreme combat performance which was highly appreciated by all participants in simulated combat encounters. Mrs Pratibha Patil, the Ex-President of India, made two flights in the Su-30MKI fighter, thus becoming the first woman head of state ever to fly on board the combat fighter. Successful operation of the Su-30MKI in India makes it possible to state that it is a reliable combat aircraft representing clever integration of the best heritage borrowed from its forerunners with the latest technologies.

The BrahMos supersonic missile is another example of the successful cooperation in the new weapons area. Specialists of both countries are working together to adapt this missile to the Su-30MKI aircraft.

There are also good prospects for cooperation in the helicopter technology area. Besides large-scale deliveries of the Mi-17 type military transport helicopters Russia is taking part in two tenders for supply of 15 heavy-lift helicopters and 197 reconnaissance-and-observation helicopters.

In the first tender Rosoboronexport offers the unique Mi-26T2 helicopter world-famous for its lifting capacity. As is known, Russian Mi-26s flew many transport missions in Afghanistan on evacuation of downed or failed Chinook helicopters. Russian pilots were commended by the US President for one such mission performed in 2009.

Russia participates in the second tender with the Ka-226 light helicopter. Together with this helicopter Rosobonexport offers an extensive and very attractive offset programme including licence assembly in India.

Such deep cooperation and transfer of leading-edge technologies are offered only for a reliable and trusted partner. Strategic level of the Russian-Indian relations opens vast prospects for advanced aerospace technologies.