Rosoboronexport develops a system of after-sales service for military equipment
29.11.2017 Press release

Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) has discussed the issues of modernization and development of the technical readiness provision system for the military equipment supplied to foreign customers.

The theme of the after-sales service of materiel was discussed at the meeting of the “Equipment and weapons of the land forces” panel of the Science and Engineering Board of the “Oreltechmach” public company, a part of the “Proekt-Technika” Corporation.  

“The present-day market of weapons and military equipment specifies very stringent requirements to the military products as far as the support of their technical and combat readiness for the complete lifecycle is concerned. This results in the desire of foreign customers to conclude total package procurement contracts, which clearly determine supplier’s and customer’s obligations on the after-sales service of purchased military equipment for the whole operating life. Rosoboronexport takes into account this trend in the global arms market and constantly develops its capabilities in relation to the offered products and services,” said Rosoboronexport’s Deputy Director Igor Sevastianov.  

In the past several years the after-sales service of the exported military products has become a very important factor to provide a competitive ability, to which much attention is now paid both by the foreign customers and suppliers of those products. Rosoboronexport’s experience in the area of foreign trade activities shows that the requirements of company’s partners to the provision of successful and effective use of weapons and materiel are increasing. 

Besides, Rosoboronexport is interested in the rise of attractiveness and effectiveness of the after-sale service of supplied products as fine-tuned business processes in this area are becoming a source of stable income and profit markup for the companies of the Russian defence industry.

“Today we are cooperating successfully with the “Proekt-Technika” Corporation on the after-sales service of our supplied products. This is one of the global leaders on the development and production of solutions in the area of mobile and stationary infrastructure for special purposes. Within the concept of the comprehensive approach to maintenance, we have already successfully completed and continue to execute a number of contracts in Venezuela,  the Republic of Cyprus, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates,” noted  Igor Sevastianov.

It was also acknowledged at the meeting that the companies of the defence industry should develop and offer to their foreign customers electronic operating documentation and electronic illustrated interactive catalogues, which now become an obligatory condition for purchasing the main nomenclature of the equipment.