Rosoboronexport promotes Russian military robots on the world market
24.11.2016 Press release

Military robotic systems and automated fire control means enjoy ever increasing demand on the world arms market. JSC Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) is promoting land forces equipment developed by Russian defense industry enterprises in full accordance with the recent trends in the global arms market.

Two meetings of the Land Forces Equipment and Armament section of Rosoboronexport’s Science and Technology Council were held in 2016. During these events, the representatives of Rosoboronexport, developers and manufacturers discussed the prospects for Russian export of automated fire control systems, the various types of remotely controlled weapon stations and military robotic systems, as well as the possibilities for accommodating the recent global trends in the development of the best weapon systems.

Among other things, the participants of the meetings decided to arrange for obtaining the necessary permits for the export of new types of automated and robotic systems being developed in Russia, as well as intensify marketing activities for promoting such systems on foreign markets.

“Automatic and remote control systems that have become available on the world arms market suggest a new stage of the evolution of the means of warfare. They offer great opportunities for development of advanced weapon systems and military equipment. We are actively working to meet demand in this area. As of today, Rosoboronexport ‘s portfolio of orders for land forces weapons and military equipment, which includes also such systems, exceeds $7 billion,” said Rosoboronexport Deputy CEO Igor Sevastyanov.

According to Rosoboronexport, Russian manufacturers can successfully compete with their foreign counterparts on the markets of small and medium UAVs and smart robotic security systems. In particular, development work in this area is underway at Rostec’s Kalashnikov Concern and United instrument Corporation.