ROSOBORONEXPORT to showcase advanced Russian solutions at XII International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues
23.04.2024 Press release
ROSOBORONEXPORT JSC (part of Rostec State Corporation) is organizing a display of Russian products to counter organized crime and terrorism on the sidelines of the XII International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues. The event will be held from April 23 to 25, 2024 in St. Petersburg under the auspices of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

The meeting is attended by the most of the Russian Federation’s partners at the level of high-level representative delegations led by secretaries of national security councils, advisers to the Heads of State and Government, Ministers of Internal Affairs and the heads of special services.

"Russia has a tremendous experience in countering organized crime, terrorist and extremist groups. We are constantly faced with threats and challenges to security of various scales – national, regional and facility’s – emanating from trained criminals equipped with all types of modern weapons and special equipment," - said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of ROSOBORONEXPORT.
"ROSOBORONEXPORT offers its partners the most advanced Russian equipment to protect civilian and military installations, ensure public security on land, in the air, at sea and in cyberspace, control and protect borders. All solutions promoted by the Company have been tested in real conditions and have excellent feedback from special operations officers."

ROSOBORONEXPORT’s exhibit presents Russian military, dual-use and civilian products in four main thematic areas.

In the area of uniforms and equipment for law enforcement officers, Tactical, Assault, Sniper and Riot gears are on display. They were formed by ROSOBORONEXPORT specialists from components manufactured by Russian companies, taking into account the recommendations of law enforcement officers based on real combat experience. They include modern small arms manufactured by Rostec's Kalashnikov Concern, TSNIITOCHMASH and High Precision Systems holding, Orsis precision rifles, splinter-proof overalls, protective helmets, camouflage suits, shields and various non-lethal weapons.
The gears include a variety of tactical accessories to perform a wide range of tasks, including high-tech optical, red-dot and thermal imaging sights from well-known Russian brands. In addition, ROSOBORONEXPORT offers various components for tuning small arms: muzzle brakes and devices, handguards, bipods and foregrips, brackets and receiver covers with Picatinny rails, pistol grips, buttstocks and magazines.

In the UAV area, ROSOBORONEXPORT presents Kronstadt’s Orion-E reconnaissance/strike system with long-endurance UAVs, tactical systems with Orlan-10E and Orlan-30 reconnaissance UAVs developed and manufactured by the Special Technology Center and products from Kalashnikov Concern (a Rostec subsidiary): the Skat S-350 UAV and the KUB-E loitering munition.

In the same area, the Company demonstrates UAV countermeasures, including the RB-504P-E counter-UAV system, the SKVP airspace control system and the latest products from the Vector Research Institute (part of Rostec State Corporation), including the Radiomonitoring communication channel monitoring station and the Serp-VS6 (Sickle) ECM system for disabling small UAVs.

The unmanned aerial vehicles and UAV countermeasures exhibited at the forum have been used successfully during the ongoing special military operation, as evidenced by flight recorded data and positive feedback by operators from Russian law enforcement agencies.

In the Smart City and Border Protection thematic area, ROSOBORONEXPORT offers the Gran automated border security system, as well as detection and alarm equipment, data collection and processing systems.
To digitalize urban and municipal management systems the guests of the International Meeting will be offered IT solutions tested in the Russian market and adapted for use in partner countries. These include the Smart City integrated project, a national cybersecurity platform, as well as Internet monitoring, information protection and legal data interception systems.

In the space systems area, ROSOBORONEXPORT demonstrates the possibilities of international cooperation in the development and launch of spacecraft together with the Roscosmos State Corporation.
ROSOBORONEXPORT is ready to discuss cooperation projects in the field of security tools and solutions with partners during thematic meetings and round tables on the sidelines of the XII International Meeting of High Representatives.

The Company expects strong interest in its proposals from major government and private entities, top-ranking officials of the army, police and counter-terror agencies and border guard services. Meetings are scheduled with the representatives from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region and the CIS countries.