Rosoboronexport to strengthen Russia's position in the global market for unmanned aircraft systems
08.06.2016 Press release

Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) will strengthen Russia's position in the international market for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) by promoting new models. Among them are Takhion and Granat-4E.

“For many years, we have been trying to catch up with the world's leading manufacturers of unmanned aircraft systems. However, Russian developers have managed to reverse the situation, and today more and more models that are quite competitive with their best foreign counterparts are becoming available. We are currently in substantive negotiations with a number of countries on the possible supply of Russian UAS, and there is a growing interest,” said Sergey Goreslavsky, Rosoboronexport’s Deputy Director General.

Along with marketing the Takhion and Granat-4E UAS, Rosoboronexport is promoting the Orlan-10E, Granat-1ZH, Skat Superkam S-100, Skat Superkam S-640, Eleron-3, Eleron-10, as well as the mBPV-37 and BPV-500 helicopter-type UAS suitable for law enforcement applications. In particular, Rosoboronexport offers the delivery of advanced Russian UAS in the framework of its new Integrated Security Systems marketing project.

"We note the keen interest of foreign partners in the Orlan-10E, which has excellently proved itself during Russian Air Force operations against ISIS in Syria. We expect that the new unmanned aircraft systems Takhion and Granat-4E, which are actively used by Russia’s Armed Forces, will also attract the attention of our partners,” said Sergey Goreslavsky.