Rosoboronexport will present counter terrorism weapons in Jordan
05.05.2014 Press release

At the 10th International Exhibition of Special Forces (SOFEX-2014), to be held from 6 to 8 May 2014 in Amman (Jordan), Rosoboronexport, together with the Schwabe Holding (both companies are part of the Rostec State Corporation), will present modern Russian weapons and military equipment, special equipment, equipage and body armor at a joint Russian stand.

“The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan pays special attention to security problems, special units’ operations, their equipage and equipping with modern technical and combat means. Therefore SOFEX is not only a suitable platform to showcase products, but it is also instrumental in catching the world's attention to the issue and “comparing notes” in a professional environment,” - said Valery Varlamov who heads the Rosoboronexport’s delegation at the exhibition.

Rosoboronexport expects increased interest among foreign specialists in Russia's silent and flameless weapons, sniper rifles, submachine guns and special short-range weapons. Among them are the 9mm PP-2000 submachine gun, 12.7mm OSV-96 sniper rifle, Bur compact grenade launcher, 9mm PP-19 -01 Vityaz submachine gun, 18.5mm 18.5KS-K special carbine, and GM-94 police grenade launcher.

The stand will exhibit an extended range of ammunition for Russian close combat weapons, both lethal (including thermobaric) and non-lethal (striking/shock, irritant, stun and traumatic).
Rosoboronexport will also present different models of armored vehicles designed to transport and provide fire support to police and special units. These include the world’s popular BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-80A armored personnel carriers, Tigr and Federal armored cars as well as the Tornado special riot control vehicle.

“The exhibition traditionally attracts many high-ranking representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Middle East countries. That is why, together with special equipment and weapons, we are willing to talk about the main Russian export land forces’ materiel as well as Mi-17 and Ka-226T type helicopters that can be extensively used in operations against extremist and terrorist groups,” - said Valery Varlamov.

Rosoboronexport is the sole state-owned arms trade company in the Russian Federation authorized to export the full range of military and dual-purpose products, technologies and services. Rosoboronexport is one of the leading world arms exporters to the international market. Its share in Russia's military exports exceeds 80 percent. Rosoboronexport cooperates with more than 700 enterprises and organizations in the Russian defence industrial complex. Russia maintains military technical cooperation with more than 70 countries around the world.

The Russian corporation Rostec was established in 2007 with the purpose to render assistance to industries in the development, production and export of high-technology military and civil-purpose products. It comprises 663 enterprises grouped into eight holding companies in the defence industrial complex, and five holding companies in civil industry branches. The Rostec subsidiaries are located in 60 regions of the Russian Federation, and export their products to more than 70 countries worldwide.