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Project “Integrated safety and security system”

Having analyzed the needs of its partners in different regions across the globe, existing and potential threats, Rosoboronexport, Russian’s only state-controlled special arms exporter, has designed a new project of integrated safety and security of urban centers, critically important facilities and national borders. So far, the market has not seen a comprehensive solution of this type, which covers all stages, from predicting and thwarting threats to their localization and elimination.

The project has as its core an integrated automated system called “Safe Town,” which is designed to build a uniform protected information space for monitoring and management of security services and tools, for effective interaction of all concerned public authorities and security agencies.

The system automatically accumulates heterogeneous data incoming from a plethora of sources, analyzes and structures them. Those data include information coming from all subscribers connected to the system, video monitoring systems, parametric sensors of engineering and infrastructure facilities, gauges and detectors of the transport system, various databases, and other sources.

Generally, countries tend to put into place or build individual components of such a complex system. For instance, there are video monitoring systems, systems of emergency communications between agencies and organizations, fire safety systems, etc. They are frequently created within one agency — for instance, police, border patrol or coast guard, or at individual sites.

Rosoboronexport, however, suggests something very different — not merely expanding capabilities of existing systems in a major way, but integrating them into a unified security system of a higher level, which would allow not only to save resources spent on security and safety, but would also improve dramatically performance of all services, their emergency response time in handling any threats, from local unrest to global terrorist challenges.

All existing elements can be integrated either in a new unified system or supplemented with relevant individual components. Naturally, Rosoboronexport can build a system like that fully from scratch, using the best Russian solutions, and, if the customer should desire so, in a very close collaboration with national manufacturers.

Depending on the purpose of such a system and the challenges it is designed to address, the range and details of components may vary, with the structure and construction principles of the system itself remaining unchanged. On the back of an in-depth marketing study, Rosoboronexport specialists have developed over 10 generic projects of integrated safety and security systems, which can fully meet existing needs of most customers. Among them are integrated safety/security systems of crucial sites and facilities, urban centers and conglomerates, long sea and land borders, large sports events, etc. An open architecture allows for expansion of their capabilities in no time, if necessary. No issues will arise with further upgrade.

Within the framework of the implementation of those generic projects, the most advanced Russian-designed highly secure IT solutions are applied and over 200 different special technical means, defense weapons and vehicles are used.

For instance, to provide comprehensive outfit for security agencies, the entire range of weapons (including special arms for antiterrorist units), protective means and special armored vehicles, search and inspection equipment, explosive ordnance disposal devices, electronic warfare devices and other special equipment are available.

Speaking about protection of national borders or perimeters of critically important sites or facilities, Russian manufacturers have designed various security and alarm systems. Stationary or mobile rapidly deployable alarm complexes include seismic, electromagnetic, heat-seeking, ferromagnetic, radio ray sensors and cutting-edge video surveillance systems. With the use of repeaters, constructive peculiarities of those complexes ensure coverage of boundaries of an unlimited length. They help create anti-intruder areas of different lengths, depths and configurations, with the strongpoint covering a control zone of up to 100 km.

Breakthrough solutions are also applied in the creation of coast guard systems, to ensure security of ports and onshore infrastructure facilities. First of all, it concerns various radar stations, including those of over-the-horizon range, which can detect surface and air targets at a range of up to 450 km. Here, at first stage, local and regional detection and canvassing systems are proposed to be built. Afterwards, they can be merged into a system of protection and defense of a country’s coast, with a single command center, which subsequently can be integrated into a nationwide system of an even superior level.

All integrated systems offered by Rosoboronexport have been successfully tested and are used in Russia. The most wide-scale evaluation trials were completed in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk and Sochi. All in all, those systems are being implemented in more than 80 administrative units across Russia today, and are also used for the protection of lengthy Russian land and sea borders.

For example, an integrated system created in 2014 to ensure security at the Sochi Olympics was acclaimed by specialists as one of the world’s most perfect. Among other things, it included means for the protection of the coastal area, and an impressive air defense component. After the Olympics, part of the components were retired. Similarly, additional elements can be promptly integrated into Russian systems — for instance, the air component, which includes patrol airplanes or helicopters, and drones.

As early as today, advanced Russian solutions can monumentally improve security of any country. Unlike other vendors of such systems, Rosoboronexport is ready to supply all technical means at once, and they will be based on a vast hands-on experience in fighting crimes and terrorist threats.