Export / import the entire spectrum of products and services of military and dual-use



The Company offers to foreign customers weaponry and military vehicles, machinery and equipment for the army, air force and navy, air defense facilities, special purpose supplies, as well as spare parts, materiel, tools, auxiliary and training equipment

Furthermore, Rosoboronexport fulfills requests of Russian customers when they need imported specimens of foreign-made military and double-purpose products, industrial and technology goods, as well as related works and services.

Production abroad


For some time lately, it has been increasingly clear that some countries are willing to abandon purchases of finished products in favor of building or upgrading national defense industry enterprises. In that regard, partner countries have been displaying a growing interest in buying technologies and licenses for the production of finished pieces of military goods from Russia. 

In a few countries, Rosoboronexport has helped construct or refit facilities for the assembly and license-based production of Russian aircraft, helicopters, armored vehicles, small arms and miscellaneous ordnance, has assisted in building air defense facilities and/or maintenance service centers. Licensed production and technology outlicensing are two of the most important tools serving to expand Russia’s military technical cooperation with international partners.

Modernization and Maintenance


Russian design engineers and manufacturers of weaponry, military vehicles and hardware have developed integrated programs for the upgrade of previously supplied pieces, which help enhance their combat effectiveness and operating reliability. 

The programs proposed by Rosoboronexport cover all the key systems of sea-, air- and sea-based weapons and military hardware. 

 While the international market sees offers of companies from other countries promoting their own upgrading options for some Russian weapons, vehicles and hardware, it is clear from experience that this type of work can be performed most effectively only with involvement of Russian design engineers and manufacturers, namely those which produced particular military goods .

Training of foreign specialists


Training of foreign specialists is a standard and perfectly working practice within the framework of MTC. With Rosoboronexport’s assistance, crews and combat units trained by the best Russian instructors are made available to customers for the entire line of hi-tech hardware. For instance, in the segment of helicopter vehicles, aircrews and maintenance personnel are trained in the town of Torzhok, where one of the world’s best aircrew combat training centers is based. 

 In addition, within the framework of technical assistance in establishing licensed production and repair of exported MG, specialists are trained at enterprises of Russia’s MIC.