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3D decimetric band track data processing radar

The Protivnik-GE mobile 3D surveillance radar with a digital phased array and digital space-time signal processing is designed to automatically (semi-automatically) detect, position, and track strategic and tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, ballistic targets, small-size low-speed aerial vehicles, classify targets, conduct identification friend-or-foe interrogation, locate active jammers, as well as to generate radar data for direction of fighter aircraft and designation data for surface-to-air missile systems when operating as part of automated Air Defence and Air Force command & control systems.

The Protivnik-GE radar is a highly mobile, jamming-proof decimetric surveillance radar with a track data processing capability, which has embodied the latest advances in radar engineering, computer technology, design solutions, and circuit components.

The radar features a high level of target positioning automation and a high resolution. It requires no adjustments and tunings during operation and has an automated built-in continuous test and fault detection system. The radar is capable of operating in fully automatic mode.

The Protivnik-GE radar can operate under any climatic conditions and can be transported by road (roads of any category), rail, air, and water. It can be deployed on an unorganized site.

Principales características
decimetric (L)
Coverage area:
range, km
10 – 400
altitude, km
azimuth, deg
elevation, deg
radial speed, km/h
60 - 8000
Target detection range (RCS = 1.5 m2)
at flight altitude of, km:
100 m
1000 m
5000 m
±12000 m
Target positioning accuracy:
range, m
azimuth, min
elevation, min
Number of target tracks
Clutter rejection ratio, dB
Emplacement time, min