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Field MANPADS gunner trainer and its modifications


The 9F635M field common trainer is designed to help Igla-type MANPADS gunners develop basic engagement skills. The trainer is part of the combat training system and is used in the field at permanent and temporary bases, in any weather and at any time.


  • determination of target type and motion parameters;
  • determination of the firing envelope and time to fire;
  • practicing target lock-on and tracking operations;
  • firing a missile on head-on and pursuit courses, in manual or automatic modes.


  • instructor station;
  • three operator stations - three MANPADS simulators;
  • sets of air target simulators and dynamically similar aircraft simulators;
  • mast with drive and control equipment;
  • AB1-230-V or ADP3-230-VYa-V self-contained power supply;
  • set of cables;
  • software;
  • operational documentation and SPTA sets.
Principales características
Working ambient temperature, deg
Ambient temperature limits, deg
Power supply, VAC/Hz
220±10% / 50±2
Power consumption, W
Emplacement time, h
Setup time, min
Operating personnel
Continuous operation time, h
8 (with a 0,5 hour break)
Number of trainees