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Ground-based ESM/ELINT system


The Avtobaza-M ground-based passive ELINT system (delivery variant No. 2) is designed to detect pulsed and continuous signals from airborne and seaborne radars, IFF and TACAN signals, determine the signal parameters and types of radars, provide path tracking of air and maritime objects by radiation of their radio electronic means, as well as to provide higher automated air defence command posts and control centers with intelligence information.


The ESM/ELINT system can search for, identify and locate different classes of onboard radio electronic means by the main and side lobes of their antennas.


  • the system can be used in air threat warning systems, air defence and electronic warfare systems, as well as for the collection, storage and processing of intelligence information about emitting air targets;
  • passive operation mode significantly increases covertness of active systems (radar, jammers) included in air defence and EW groups, thereby increasing their survivability by 30-40%.
Principales características
Frequency band, GHz
Space scanning, deg:
in azimuth - 360 / in elevation - 30
Detection range, km
up to 400
Position finding method
Mean positioning error
not more than 2% of range
Target image library capacity
up to 2,000 images and operation modes
Number of simultaneously tracked targets
up to 150
Emitter data update rate, s
not more than 2,5
Emplacement time, min