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Software/hardware package for automated planning of air force and air defense operations to win and maintain air supremacy

The Spektr-6E SW/HW package is intended for comprehensive instruction and training of Air Force and Air Defense command and staff officers at operational and tactical levels of command, conducting operational and combat training exercises with military units and military authorities (headquarters) of other combatant arms at the strategic to tactical level, as well as for handling a wide range of information and computing tasks during the planning of operations to win and maintain control of the air, including in combined and joint operations.

The SW/HW package:

  • enables individual training of officers serving at military authorities (headquarters) in air and air defense operations planning;
  • ensures solving of information and computation tasks, preparation of work schedules for officers during planning;
  • improves the efficiency of joint command post exercises (trainings) of Air Force and Air Defense forces;
  • helps officers develop team building skills when interacting with headquarters of other arms and services of the armed forces.

    • Tasks:

      • forecasting potential enemy’s air and field activities;
      • comprehensive assessment of the opposing forces (troops), identifying their strengths and weaknesses;
      • contingency planning of force activities and making recommendations for winning and maintaining air superiority;
      • detailed analysis of the combat characteristics of forces equipped with a variety of weapons systems;
      • modeling the opposing forces’ operations in order to support the operational and combat training measures during command post exercises and computer-aided command post war games;
      • practicing operations planning and troop control skills by officers at military authorities (headquarters), making it possible to improve and consolidate such skills.

        • The Spektr-6E SW/HW package includes hardware (workstations, application servers, devices for outputting text, graphic and cartographic information), system-wide hardware (modeling servers, database servers, graphics workstations, and network equipment), general and special software.

          Special software includes:

          • A modeling system consisting of analytical express models for air and air defense operations, combined arms operations, simulation models of a virtual battle space;
          • Information and computational modules supporting the activities of officers at military authorities (headquarters), planning and implementation of operational and combat training measures;
          • Interface modules providing interface between three-dimensional visualization aids and the modeling system, reproduction of three-dimensional models and landscapes;
          • A suite of programs providing interaction between heterogeneous modeling systems and the implementation of the distributed simulation standard.

          The SW/HW package runs under the general-purpose Astra Linux Common Edition operating system. Upon customer request, the package can be tailored to running under the MS Windows operating system.

          Depending on customer needs, the Spektr-6E is available in various design and configuration versions.

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