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Indoor simulator

The 9F700-1 indoor simulator is designed for simultaneous training of two grenade launcher operators in operating and firing RPG-7V grenade launchers, as well as for subsequent training to maintain and improve the acquired skills.

The simulator:

  • generates training scenarios;
  • simulates firing at targets in a background/target environment as part of performing training and control tasks by two trainees at a time;
  • displays the flight of grenades and their bursts, reproduces sounds of own shots, grenade bursts with regard to the range to targets engaged, battle sounds;
  • simulates smoke and battlefield obscuration;
  • provides the possibility to search for targets, determine their dimensions, elevation, target range and type;
  • simulates firing at targets in the background/target environment from all standard firing positions;
  • records and displays the aiming and hit points;
  • provides the possibility to determine the aiming point coordinates;
  • calculates and displays the hit points with regard to the ballistic characteristics of grenades, initial conditions, weather conditions, and dispersion characteristics;
  • provides control over trainees’ actions together with logging common errors;
  • provides automated control and evaluation of the trainees’ performance with saving the training outcomes;
  • creates a firing result database for each trainee with the possibility to record trainees and firing results for each trainee, provides data access to view the results of firing.
Principales características
Floor space of a classroom, not less than, m:
Electrical power supply, V, Hz
220 ±10%, 50
Power consumption, not more than, kW
Operating conditions:
temperature, °C
+5 to +40
relative humidity at 25 °C, not more than, %
etiquetas: 9F700-1, Trainers,