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Special armored vehicle "Bulat" with RCWS

The SBA-60-K2 Bulat special armored vehicle is intended for transporting personnel and various military cargos, mounting and transporting weapons and military hardware, towing trailers and trailer systems on all types of roads and terrain.

The SBA-60-K2 Bulat can be used as:

  • a basic chassis for developing special variants, including radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicles, communications and control vehicles, truck convoy escort vehicles, casualties transport and evacuation vehicles, etc;
  • a means of mobility and operating/fighting support for the personnel of the armed forces, peacekeeping forces and other state formations of the importing countries (border guard service, interior troops’ units, etc.) in local armed conflicts;
  • a basic transport platform for weapons and military hardware, communication equipment within the load-carrying capacity.

The SBA-60-K2 Bulat special armored vehicle is based on the KAMAZ-5350 all-terrain off-the-shelf truck. Owing to its design, the vehicle can be used on the roads of all categories, including in cities, as a road user. It is suitable for use in all climates.

The vehicle’s hull consists of an engine compartment with an armored bonnet and a crew/troop compartment, which is functionally divided into the front part (where the driver and the vehicle leader are accommodated) and the rear one (a troop compartment). There are two side and two rear armored doors with bulletproof windows to enable the crew and troops to enter and leave the vehicle. Two hatches for the vehicle crew and six rectangular hatches for the troops are located on the roof of the crew/troop compartment.

There are ten seats inside the armored hull for combat personnel. All the seats are fitted with 4-point safety belts. Anti-trauma seats are attached to the roof of the hull, equipped with a cushioning system and have seat tilt, back-and-forth movement, seat cushion height and tilt adjustments.

The armored hull protects the crew and troops against all-round small arms fire. Floor and roof armor plates provide protection against IED blasts underneath and on the roof of the crew/troop compartment. Transparent armor used in the vehicle (windows of the side and rear doors, viewing windows of both sides with built-in firing ports and a panoramic windshield) is multi-layered protective glasses and provides the ballistic protection level similar to basic armoring level of the hull.

Upon customer request, remote-controlled weapon stations (RCWS) with 7.62 or 12.7mm machine guns can be installed on armored vehicle.

Principales características
Wheel arrangement
Curb weight, kg
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Load-carrying capacity, kg
Seating capacity (including the driver)
Overall dimensions, max, mm:
Wheel track, mm
Ground clearance, mm
not less than 380
Max speed, km/h
not less than 90
Fuel tank capacity, l
Cruising range (fuel), km
not less than 1,000
Obstacle capacity:
grade (descent),deg
side slope, deg
trench, m
vertical step, m
fording depth (w/o preparation /with preparation), m
1,0/ 1,5
Engine model:
turbocharged, four-stroke, liquid-cooled diesel
max power, kW (hp)
Tire type and size
radial wide-section 425/85 R21
Hull protection level according to GOST R 50963-96: perimeter / roof
Mine resistance, TNT equivalent of explosive, kg: under bottom / under wheel
1 / 2