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Coastal missile system with Kh-35E (Kh-35UE) cruise missiles


The Bal-E coastal missile system with Kh-35E (Kh-35UE) cruise missiles is designed to engage enemy surface fighting ships and auxiliaries vessels both single and belonging to Task Forces.

The system is used to guard straits and territorial waters, to protect offshore sea lines, naval bases, coastal infrastructure, as well as to defend the coast at amphibious landing threat directions within the missile launch range.


The fire control can be organized: from the one self-propelled command control and communication post for the single group salvo; from the two self-propelled command control and communication posts for the two simultaneous group salvos, independently from the each launcher.


  • four self-propelled launch vehicles 3S-60E with missile preparation and launch aids;
  • four transport/launch vehicles 3F-60E;
  • self-propelled 3Ts-61E command vehicles equipped control and communications unit, and Mineral-E radar search and designation system.


The missile system boasts high mobility, short deployment and combat readiness time, large missile load and organised salvo launch capability. It provides high combat effectiveness, reliability and comfortable conditions for the crew. Missiles can be launched from positions located at highland sites up to 1,000 m above sea level, with man-made or natural obstacles in the direction of fire.

Four self-propelled launchers, with eight missiles on each, providing varied single/salvo launch combinations with high total firepower.

Missile system structure

Active and passive radar channels of the Mineral-E radar system used for target detection, selection (against active and passive interference background), classification, and tracking.

Two separate Mineral-E radar systems used for triangulation tasks in the passive radar mode.

Control equipment providing optimal target distribution between launchers.

Dedicated communications vehicle for fast data reception from higher-echelon command posts and reconnaissance/target designation assets.

Principales características
Surface target detection range by Monolit-B active radar channel, km:
antenna at 12 m above sea
in sea-surface duct
in super-refraction
up to 250
Maximum number of targets to be tracked:
by active radar
by passive radar in detection mode
by passive radar in targeting mode
Surface target detection range by Monolit-B passive radar channel, km
up to 450
Missile range, km
from 5 to 130 (7-260)*
Max number of targets simultaneously engaged by one complete salvo
Deployment time weapon after march, min
no more than 15
Missiles ammunition, missile
64(8 in 4 launchers and 8 in transports vehicle each)
Max position height of above sea, m
up to 1000
Distance of launcher from coastal line, km
up to 10
cross-country four-axle wheeled chassis MZKT-7930
*for Kh-35UE missile