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Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Crisp View in Any Environment 

Thermal Imaging Binoculars with Crisp Image and Ergonomic Design for Efficiency of Night Missions.

Magnification 3,5x;
Maximum detection and recognition distances;
Comfortable long-range observation;
8 colour schemes.

Professional and high quality thermal imaging devices incorporating proprietary methods of digital image processing. Crisp images of fast moving targets without smudging together with lightweight and ergonomic design guarantee comfortable and convenient operation. TRACKER-T4.642 features 2940 m calculated detection range and TRACKER-T2.380 will help to detect target as far as 1470 m.
Main characteristics
Tracker-T4.642 | Tracker-T2.380
Optical magnification
3.5× | 3.4×
100 mm F/1.6 | 50mm F/1.2
Thermal sensor, px
640×480 | 384×288
Pixel size, µm
Frame rate, Hz
Sensitivity, ◦K