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Woman’s Stealth Vest

Security combined with comfort 

Thanks to modern ultra-soft and extra-fine materials, the vest ensures wearer’s comfort together with high stealth.

An extra-class bulletproof stealth vest designed specifically for fairer sex is suitable for both VIP ladies and security and guard personnel.

The shaping of ballistic tissues in the chest area is the result of high-tech sewing production, which allows you to minimize the thickness of the protective layer and achieve the perfect fit at the same time.

Main characteristics
9 mm bullet with steel core of 9x18 cartridge
335…350 m/s, 5±0.1 m
9 mm FMJ RN bullet with lead core of 9x19 cartridge
415…430 m/s, 5±0.1 m
Fragments (6.3 mm steel ball)
V50% ≥ 550 m/s