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Border Surveillance UAV

Charged and Ready 

Drone-in-a-Box for Efficient Border Control.

Fully autonomous drone;
Quaternion-based formula of altitude tracking;
Noise immunity and protection of data in transit;
Automatic take-off to security system alarms.

Fully autonomous drone always ready to take-off to perimeter sensor alarm, operator command or any other preconfigured system event. The system consists of Albatross-P UAV with payload, launching box and operator workstation (Ground Control Station).

Control and telemetering wireless link meets high requirements on noise immunity and protection of data in transit. Noise immunity is secured by hopped carrier frequency and data masking. Several simultaneously running algorithms ensure precise UAV landing and charging after the mission is completed.
Main characteristics
Cruising altitude, m
Up to 200
Air speed, km/h
- in autopilot mode
from 0 to 40
- in manual mode
from 0 to 60
- speed drop down to, m/sec
Max take-off altitude above sea level, km
Travel radius, up to, km
Max wind resistance for efficient application, m/s
Max wind resistance for efficient en-route flight, m/s
Max endurance time in normal weather conditions, one set of batteries, up to, min
Operation via secured communication link, MHz/coverage area up to, km
868 / 6
Position Hold/Preset waypoint flight/Positional data