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Observation Tower

Customizable Ballistic Protection 

Fully engineered prefabricated bullet resistant guard towers for enhancing infrastructure of border crossings, military facilities, nuclear plants etc.

Turnkey tailored armored structures;
Customized design and ballistic protection;
Installation, warranty and maintenance.

Prefabricated towers designed for permanent installation at checkpoints and protected perimeters of critical and sensitive sites to provide monitoring of the adjacent area and detection of potential intruders. The interior design of the observation cabin eliminates ricochet of bullets and grenade fragments. Modular towers are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet any ballistic, blast and fragmentation protection requirements.

The BR3 observation tower is a 3-module construction. Installation is carried out without welding and provides reliable fastening at the place of permanent location. The size of the embrasures makes it difficult for an external observer to determine the location of the sentinel inside the observation cabin.

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