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Bistatic Microwave Detector

Covert. Multifunctional. Reliable. 

Unattended Ground Sensors for any Application. Concealed and Field Proven.

Early warning;
On-the-fly deployment;
Concealed intruder detection;
Standalone operation;
Wireless alarm transmission.

BSK-RLD is a rapidly deployable solution for temporary protection of critical sites and valuable assets, ideal for any unprepared terrain. Electromagnetic field generated between BSK-RLD units reliably notifies about any intrusion attempt. The detector has built-in radio modem to transmit alarm messages via radio channel to Central Control Panel (CCP) and Portable Control Panel (PCP) at distance up to 1 km.

The principle of operation is based on the following: an electromagnetic field is generated in the space between TX and RX which forms a volumetric detection zone. RX measures parameters of this field modulation (change), caused when an intruder crosses the protected boundary. Approximate dimensions and form of detection zone in vertical and horizontal planes when the detector is installed on-site.
Main characteristics
Operation time on fully charged battery, days
Detection zone length, m
Detection zone width, m
Weight of detector, kg
Deployment time, min
Power frequency, Hz
Operating temperature range, °С