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Bistatic Radio-Wave Buried Detector

Covert. Multifunctional. Reliable. 

Unattended Ground Sensors for any Application. Concealed and Field Proven.

Early warning;
On-the-fly deployment;
Concealed intruder detection;
Standalone operation;
Wireless alarm transmission.

With a good immunity to the effects of weather BSK-RWP monitors the area between transmitter and receiver with a volumetric detection zone. Detectors are buried into upper soil layer ensuring reliable intrusion detection and complete covertness.

The detector has built-in modem to transmit messages via radio channel to Central Control Panel (CCP) and Portable Control Panel (PCP) at distance of up to 1 km. The principle of operation is based on sounding the space between TX unit and RX unit by electromagnetic impulses. The generated electromagnetic field provides a volumetric detection zone (ZO). Violation of volumetric detection zone triggers change in the signal level at the input of the receiver generating alarm.

Main characteristics
Detection zone length, m
without antenna system - 5...30; with external antenna system - 150
Detection zone width, m
Operation time on fully charged battery, days
Detection zone width, m
Weight of detector, kg
Deployment time, min