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Triboelectric Perimeter Security Sensor

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Reliable Perimeter Intrusion Detection for Long-Term Applications.

2 lines x 250 m;
Adaptive threshold minimizing false alarms;
Detects climbing, damaging or digging attempts.

CVD-111 is a vibration-sensitive triboelectric perimeter security sensor applied to secure metal fences and detect any intrusion attempts. A reliable solution for enhancing the security of metal fabric fences including: chain link, razor wire and welded mesh. It generates alarm in case of any vibration or partial damage detection.

CVD-111 incorporates self-adaptive signal processing algorithm to ignore spurious responses and environmentally generated alarms
Main characteristics
Intruder detection distance, m
- by sensing cable set
2 lines x 250
- by sensing cable halfset
1 line x 250 (or 2 lines with total 250 m length)
Detection rate, min
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, max, kg