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Self-Contained Vibration-Seismic Security Sensor

Border on the Lock 

Reliable Perimeter Intrusion Detection for Remote Areas with No Electricity.

Early warning sensor;
Concealed perimeter protection;
Solar powered battery;
Wireless alarm transmission;
2 lines x 250 m;
Suitable to protect perimeters with no fencing.

CVD-114 security sensor is a vibration-seismic security detector applied to detect unauthorized attempts to cross the secured area by crossing the perimeter line without any fencing. The sensor connects 2 x 250m lines laid underground to serve as an early warning hidden security detector. Solar module and wireless communication link make CVD-114 a perfect solution for ensuring security of a remote perimeter line.
Main characteristics
Secured area length, m
2 lines x 250m
Detection rate
Alarm message
- Transmission frequency, MHz
- Radiated power, not more, mW
Transmission distance within line-of-sight with antenna, up to, m
- directed
- rod quarter-wave
- rod quarter-wave, guaranteed