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Dual-Channel Surveillance and Reconnaissance Camera

Eagle Eye for Border Control 

Daylight Camera Born for Surveillance and Reconnaissance up to 18 km Away.

Long-range surveillance;
Detection of vehicles at ranges up to 18 km and people up to 10 km;
Integrated video analytics.

Garpiya Camera is a low-level camera operating in 0,35..1,1 μm wave band for black and white imaging and 0,35..0,75 μm wave band to have a colored image. It is ideally suited for reconnaissance and surveillance missions and is capable to detect vehicles at ranges up to 18 km and people at ranges up to 10 km.
Main characteristics
Number of channels
Spectral range of every channel, μm:
monochrome mode
color mode
Resolution of every channel
1920 х 1080
Sensors type
IMX- 252, SONY
Broadband angular field of view, °
8,75 х 6,25
Narrowband angular field of view, °
1,8 х 2,4
analogue, Ethernet
digital, 1х .. 8х