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Mobile Searchlight System

Where-You-Want-It Ray of Light 

Tactical and Professional Spotlight Covering 2.5 km Anywhere On-Demand.

Portable searchlight system;
2,5 km illumination;
Wireless remote-control console;
130 000 lumens beam,
Standalone or integrated operation.

Highly portable solution producing intense and powerful tactical light making low-visibility situations more maneuverable. GELIOS-B is designed to be used by law enforcement agencies and border control teams for mission site lighting. Covering a distance of 2.5 km, rugged and dependable, GELIOS-B can work under all kinds of weather conditions.
Main characteristics
Beam effective range, km (at 1 lux)
Beam luminance, lumens, not less
130 000
Beam travel in elevation:
angle, °
velocity, °\s
Beam travel in azimuth:
angle, °
velocity, °\s
1 to 18
Operating supply voltage, V
Consumed power, W
Operating temperature range, °С
-50 to +50