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Standalone Mobile Video Surveillance and Thermal Imaging System

Long-Range Surveillance Wherever You Need It 

Rapid Deployment Long-Range 24/7 Video Surveillance System for Border Security.

Provides surveillance, gathers evidence;
Independent Power Supply;
10km/4,2km Day/Night Target Detection;
Wireless Data Link.

Murom is a preconfigured self-contained system for rapid deployment providing real-time 24/7 situational awareness on demand. Delivering intelligent surveillance of open land and water areas it is easily extended with radar for 360-degree target detection and tracking. Integration with any PIDs sensors delivers comprehensive perimeter security solution.
Main characteristics
Detection range by video camera, m
- “human”
up to 10000
- “vehicle”
up to 10000
Detection range by thermal camera, m
- “human”
up to 4000
- “vehicle”
up to 7900
Long-range camera resolution, px
Mast height, m
Battery pack capacity, Ah