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Mobile Solid State Coherent Radar

Quick. Precise. Reliable. 

Solid State Coherent Х-Band Radar. Rapid Deployment. Drone Detection.

Small size and weight (<25 kg);
Rapid deployment (10 min by 1-2 people);
Noise immunity;
Trace analysis, auto target detection and tracking;
Design suitable for stationary and mobile applications.

All-weather small-size radar for ground and water surface monitoring and ensuring security of critical borderlines and infrastructure. Solid state coherent Х-band NEVA-TT radar features complex signal, dual-polarization active antenna system to deliver accurate trace analysis, automatic target detection and tracking. Small size and weight allow for its rapid deployment on any terrain.
Main characteristics
Transmitter type
solid state, coherent
Antenna type
active antenna system
Rotation speed (RPM), º/sec
from 30 to 60
Working frequency, GHz
9,4 ± 0,1
Transmission power, W
Beam width in horizontal plane, °
Beam width in vertical plane, °
Range discrimination
2 m
Weight, kg
Detection range, km
- Drone (type DJI Phantom)
up to 1
- Human
up to 4
- Truck
up to 12