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Surveillance and Reconnaissance Thermal Imaging Camera

Owl Eye for Border Control 

Effective Surveillance at Night through Fog and Rain up to 15 km Away.

Long-range surveillance;
Detection of vehicles at ranges up to 15 km, people up to 5 km;
Integrated video analytics.

NEYASIT’ camera features a 640×480 uncooled imager with 17 µm pixels offering excellent visibility of most terrestrial objects. It reliably detects thermal emissions of humans, vehicles, animals enabling operator to see critical information in total darkness, through smoke and haze, light fog or rain.

NEYASIT’ camera incorporates high-quality Germanium glass ideal for IR applications providing detection of vehicles at ranges up to 15 km and people up to 5 km.
Main characteristics
Number of channels
Spectral range of every channel, μm
8..14 (LWIR)
Resolution of every channel, , pixel size 17 μm
640 х 480
Frame rate, Hz
up to 30
uncooled microbolometer
Broadband angular field of view, °
10 х 7,5
Narrowband angular field of view, °
3,2 х 2,4
analogue, Ethernet
smooth digital, 1х .. 8х