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Long Range Night Vision Device

When Quality Matters 

Advanced Night Vision Technology with 2500 m Range for Security Applications.

Generation 2+ or 3 image intensifies;
Illuminated range finding reticle;
Objects detection at up to 2500 m;
Eyepiece adapter kit to photo and video cameras provided with light filter thread M37x0.75; M40.5x0.5, М49х0.75, М52х0.75.

PDN-KM is a night vision device of choice for military and law enforcement applications requiring the best equipment for most critical tasks. It will guarantee objects detection and tracking ability in dark time under natural night light conditions.

Generation 2+ or 3 image intensifiers a clear and bright image with good resolution and a useful range of up to 2500 m. The unique mirror-lens optical system of high aperture ratio improves transmission in the infrared area of the spectrum. There is an ability to connect cameras to the vizier via adapters.

PDN-KM Night Vision Device represents superior low-light performance, reliability and durability ratio. Supports camera connection.
Main characteristics
x 9
Field of view, deg
Lens diameter, mm
Focal length, mm
Human recognition range, m
Diopter adjustment range, d
Power supply
3 V, ААх2
Overall dimensions without a mask, mm
Weight, kg