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<h2> <span style="color: #D14124;">Keep a Keen Eye on the Border</span> </h2>
<h3 style="text-align: justify;"><i>Ultimate Border Guard Binoculars with 15x Magnification.</i> </h3>
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<span style="color: #D14124;">►</span>Easiness, reliability and handiness in service;<br>
<span style="color: #D14124;">►</span>High quality of image in the field of view;<br>
<span style="color: #D14124;">►</span>Three kinds of light filters: light-orange, neutral and blue-green;<br>
<span style="color: #D14124;">►</span>Possibility to change a direction of observation up to 360° in horizontal plane and from -20 to +60° in the vertical plane.<br>
PNB-2 military-grade binocular can be spotted in news reports from all over the world as a universal device for land and sea area observation. The binocular feature x15 magnification for most accurate calculation of angular coordinates and excellent quality of image. PNB-2 offers high resolution in the whole of field of view and high rate of light transmission due to extraordinary optical quality. <br>
It ensures determination of angular coordinates of targets from stationary and temporary observation units in day light and at night with the use of regular lighting systems.
Main characteristics
Magnification, x
Field of view, deg
Entrance pupil, mm
Resolution of each monocular in the field of view center, arc. sec
Limbs division value, mil
Measurement range, vertical angles, deg
-20 to +60
Measurement range, horizontal angles, deg
Overall dimensions without tripod, mm
Weight without tripod, kg