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Keep a Keen Eye on the Border 

Ultimate Border Guard Binoculars with 9.9x Magnification.

Easy mounting on tripod or pier;
Comfortable design of control system;
High quality of image in the whole of field of view;
Reliability and ease of use.

PNB-3 is a flagship binocular observation device equipped with range-finding reticle to quickly and easily estimate ranges to an object. PNB-3 magnification level provide high quality of image in the whole of field of view helping not to lose track movement of sighted targets. The reticle and scales are illuminated for surveillance in adverse lighting conditions such as pre-dawn or twilight or even at night if the object is still visible.

PNB-3 consist of two telescopes with two parallel optical axes. The telescopes are connected with the help of a mechanism which allows changing the interpupillary distance by rotation the handwheel. There is an angle-measuring reticule in the field of view on the right telescope of the binocular. In addition PNB-3 is provided with a control tube which allows controlling an accuracy of laying of the device to the object.
Main characteristics
Magnification, x
Field of view, deg
Exit pupil, mm
Diopter adjustment, d
-3 to +12
Measurement range, vertical angles, deg
-18 to +84
Measurement range, horizontal angles, deg
Overall dimensions without tripod, mm
Weight without tripod, kg