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Radar Station

Detect and Track with Ease 

Detection and Tracking of Multiple Targets Even in Adverse Weather Conditions.

Automatic detection and tracking of not less than 50 moving objects;
Automatic space survey in azimuth plane in assigned sector;
In-built satellite navigation system;
Moving objects selection system.

ROSA radar reliably detects and simultaneously tracks at least 40 moving targets with high precision. It automatically scans the secured area in azimuth plane, supports selection of most critical areas instantly alarming the operator about any target detected. ROSA incorporates satellite navigation system and can be easily coupled with electro-optical module for target visualization.

Main characteristics
Frequency range, MHz
9440 – 9470
Resolution as per the pinpoint target position (coordinates), º, not more
- in azimuth
- in range
Position determination error:
- in azimuth, º, not more
- in range, º, not more
Detection range, km
- human, km, not less
- car, km, not less
- truck, km, not less
Operating temperature range, °С
50 to +50