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Universal Middle Range Radar for Fixed or Mobile Applications 

Universal Middle Range Radar for Accurate Target Detection.

Low electromagnetic radiation power;
Unique noise filtering algorithms to eliminate disturbance from water or vegetation;
Low power consumption and safe level of input voltage;
Detection of target type;
Easy deployment and maintenance

CVD-177 is the radar of choice for both fixed and portable application. CVD-177 ensures reliable target detection, recognition and tracking on land or water areas (human, group, vehicle, boat). The radar applies unique radio signal processing algorithms to acquire accurate data about monitored targets, their trajectories and distance in any weather conditions.

Main characteristics
Operating bandwidth, MHz
Average radiated power, mW, not more
Minimum distance of detection, not more, m
View angle width (azimuth), deg
View angle width (elevation), deg
Max target detection range, not less, m (min height above the ground- 14m) human/vehicle
2300 / 2300
Range resolution, not less, m