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Radar station

Advanced technology on guard of security 

Data transmission and radar control through Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Enot radar station makes part of the Orwell 2k integrated video surveillance system (See more), but can be integrated into other complex security systems as well.

Enot is designed for automatic detection of small-class unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as ground and surface targets, target localization and designation for optoelectronic assets and electronic jamming systems.

Radar features:

multi-beam receiving antenna;
target designation for a rotary camera and electronic suppression device;
low weight and dimensions.

Main characteristics
Viewing area (azimuth x elev.angle), deg.
360 х 60
Range measurement error, m
Azimuth measurement error, m
Detection range, m:
- small-class UAV
1 800
- man, rubber boat (0.5 m2)
4 700
- car, boat (5 m2)
8 300
Frequency band, МHz
9 200 – 9 500