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Off-Road Vehicle-Based Standalone Portable Video Surveillance and Thermal Imaging System

Vehicle-Based Security Enhancement 

Security Enhancement and Evidence Gathering Vehicle-Based System.

Independent Power Supply;
10km/4,2km Day/Night Target Detection;
Long-Term Operation;
Rapid Deployment.

SCORPIO is intended to monitor large areas, remote sites and applied as fast-deployed security system. The system is carried by a Sobol* light-duty van and can be operated in manual and scanning modes. SCORPIO automatically scans preset positions, finds and tracks targets by long-range video and thermal imaging cameras. Easily deployable system for continuous unmanned operation. * can be installed on customer’s vehicle

Solved tasks:

Real time smart video surveillance of big open spaces;
Object video detection and ranging mode - automatic target detection and tracking by video camera and thermal camera, PIDS sensor slew-to-alarm functionality;
Wireless communication with remote monitoring center;
Smart power-saving mode;
System activation by PIDS alarm;
Independent power supply by battery pack or vehicle network.

Main characteristics
Detection range by video camera, m
- “human”
up to 8000
- “vehicle”
up to 10000
Detection range by thermal camera, m
- “human”
up to 2700
- “vehicle”
up to 6900
Long-range camera resolution, px
1280 × 960
Mast height, m
Battery pack capacity, Ah