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Loudest Long Range Mid-size AHD

Rocket Launch Sound Effect 

Low Profile, Long Range Communication System. Safer Alternative to Non-Lethal Weapons.

Powerful, intelligible communication up to 1,700 m;
Focused directional broadcasts for targeted communication;
Creates instant acoustic standoff perimeter;
Safer alternative to non-lethal means.

SIRIN 450XL is a powerful long range acoustic device reliably ensuring communication over a 1700 m distance. It efficiently transmits voice commands at up to 150dB and can be as well used to deter hostile violators. Extremely high-power sound waves turn SIRIN 450XL into a sonic cannon sufficient to produce a loud, irritating noise powerful enough to hold the violators back or even incapacitate them.
Main characteristics
Maximum peak output, dB SPL @ 1 meter, A-weighted
Max. Continuous output, dB SPL @ 1 meter, C-weighted
Sound projection, ° at 1 kHz/-3dB
+/- 15
Communication ranges, m
Maximum range, up to, m
Operational range, up to, m, over 88dB of background noise