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Floating Bridge and Fence

Safe and Sound Waterfront 

Reliable Deterrence of Hostile Objects Underwater.

Floating bridge with border patrol pathway;
Efficient ram barrier for hostile boats;
Underwater fence for intrusion prevention.

VOLGA distinctively marks the protected area in the water and servers as a durable floating security barrier. VOLGA is effectively used for establishing a defense perimeter at naval bases, dams, nuclear power plants, military and transport facilities. VOLGA modular structure provides 2 m fence above water surface and 10 m underwater net barrier to keep intruders out.

VOLGA protects the area from unauthorized intrusion of frogmen, unmanned underwater vehicles, boats within 5 tons displacement and small submarines.

Main characteristics
Section length, m
Protected area depth, m
up to 10
Fence height, m
up to 2
One section width, m
Underwater net cell diameter, mm