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Mobile Searchlight System

Where-You-Want-It Ray of Light  

Vehicle Mounted Long Range Searchlight

Vehicle Mounted searchlight system;
10 km illumination;
Wireless remote-control console;
130 000 lumens beam.

Gelios is initially designed for military, defense and law enforcement tasks. It provides a crisp powerful beam with exceptional ability to illuminate and see the items as far as 10 km away. Gelios is a rugged and steady solution for border patrol, military and search and rescue professionals. It can be operated from vehicle and serve as aircraft landing or taxi light.
Main characteristics
Beam effective range, km (at 1 lux)
Beam luminance, lumens, not less
130 000
Beam travel in elevation:
angle, °
velocity, °\s
Beam travel in azimuth:
angle, °
velocity, °\s
1 to 18
Operating supply voltage, V
Consumed power, W
Operating temperature range, °С
-50 to +50