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Fixed Searchlight

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Powerful Source of High-Intensity Beam Delivering 130 000 Lumens to Disperse the Darkness.

Terrain illumination with focused high-intensity light beam;
130 000 lumens beam;
Application as a standalone or integrated part of surveillance and monitoring system;
Wireless remote-control console.

Groznyi Searchlight is a good example of a robust lighting solution providing the ability to illuminate an area effectively and reliably. It is an excellent help in nighttime operations when it is needed to illuminate the area of interest like runways or borderlines.

Groznyi is a perfect solution for control of hard-to-reach places producing 130 000 lumens of intense light output. It is strong enough to withstand most challenging dusty or wet environments.

Illumination of runways (take-off and landing sites) to guide aircrafts to the landing area or a designated location in the darkness.
Main characteristics
Beam effective range, km (at 1 lux)
Beam luminance, lumens, not less
130 000
Beam travel in elevation:
angle, °
velocity, °\s
Beam travel in azimuth:
angle, °
velocity, °\s
1 to 18
Operating supply voltage, V
Consumed power, W
Operating temperature range, °С
-50 to +50