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Selective Inductive Mine Detector

Extended search capacity 

Сapable to detect items basing both on a given size or metal type (ferrous, non-ferrous).

NR-MD detects suspicious items with metallic housing and components placed on the ground surface, embedded in soil, snow or water as well as under the pavement.

The operator can adjust technical parameters (sensitivity and selectivity) to optimize searching mode.

The standard software supports:

data export to PC coupled to the device;
operational parameters modification to fit a certain specific task (searching for metallic items with set-up parameters);
non-standard coils matching with the device working parameters (from third-party supplier or various home advanced models).

Main characteristics
Alarm type
sound, light & signal
Power supply
АА batteries
Voltage, V
4.5 … 9.0
Power consumption, mА, max:
- w/o light indication
- with light indication
150 … 240
Time to prepare for operation, min.
max 3
Searching rate, m2/h
up to 300
Continuous operation w/o replacing batteries, h
at least 8
Operating temperature range, °С
Weight (in operation state), kg