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Drone Based System For IED Detection

Detects explosive devices at 30 m level 

Highly efficient system, which allows remote detection and precise localization of IED.

Strekoza system carries out preliminary engineering reconnaissance to detect IED (electronic control device) on a spread ground area in the course of special searching operations.

The system operates as part of ground-based robotic mobile system for IED detection.

The obtained data can be transmitted to the control center in real time. If necessary, Strekoza can use ‘hang-up’ technique to examine a part of ground area in detail.

Main characteristics
Modulation type
UHF probing signal average power in searching mode, mW
max 400
IED detection range, m
up to 30
Payload composition:
non-linear radio locator, video camera, GPS-module, data transmission channel
Power supply (of non-linear locator)
2 accumulators 3.7 V
Payload weight (with integrated battery), kg
max 2