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Firearms Identification System

A new level of trace examination 

User-friendly, highly efficient system to create electronic bullet and shell casing repositories of unlimited volume.

Information arrays created by Arsenal system, the ability to import / export facilities and remote access to databases through modern communication channels open the way for the creation of geographically distributed identification systems and interregional exchange of firearms data.

Tasks solved by Arsenal:

creation of databases of images of bullets / cases / shells;
automation of bullets / cases/ shells pictures comparison to identify objects fired from the same weapon;
automation of trace examinations of bullets, cases, shells and their fragments;
generation of multilevel geographically distributed weapons identification systems with the ability to remotely access databases.

The input of all objects (bullets, cases, shells and fragments) is made with use of the universal PAPILLON BS scanner. The input can be made in any order.

‘PAPILLON BS’ scanner:
Main characteristics
CCD-sensor, elements
7 500
Resolving capacity, microns
2D – 3, 3D - 10
Maximum scanning depth, mm
Field vision, mm
20 х 20
Caliber of bullets/cartridge cases, mm
1 - 22
Bullet/case side scanning time
Dimensions, mm
400 х 228 х 217
Weight, kg