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3D E-fits Generation System

Leaves no chance for a criminal 

Provides the possibility of "live" modeling of a three-dimensional face image, taking into account all the main objective factors of the uniqueness of the appearance.

KLIM 3D is so easy to use anyone can learn to build a forensic-quality composite in a matter of minutes. Create amazing lifelike facial composites of suspects modifying a 3D ‘averaged’ model and manipulating its components observing any change in real time.

The system provides diverse tools that allow modification of both general (such as anthropological type or ethnic group, sex, age) and individual feature components (form of a nose, mouth, chin, etc.). It also offers a large assortment of accessory items such as mustaches, beards, hats, eyeglasses, etc. and editing tools to manipulate the color and shape of these components.

For ultimate customization, add a stubble beard texture, birth marks, wrinkles, make-up, scars and other physical blemishes using a 2D version of the 3D portrait you’ve created. This 2D image can be further used for:

Printing out to create a ‘wanted’ poster and to initiate investigative process to apprehend the criminal;
Exporting to PAPILLON Polyface Automated Facial Recognition and Image Storage System;
Transmitting to other systems that can employ facial images to identify individuals;

Ready facial composites including 3D and 2D images are stored in the PAPILLON KLIM 3D database together with relevant descriptive text data.
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