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АIR М-140

Wide ergonomic features 

Compact 1st class taser with an extended range of options.

AIR M-140 can be carried with a pre-installed cartridge, and under the barrel there is a mount for installing a second, spare cartridge. A light and sound cartridge, designed for psychological impact, can be applied as well.

AIR M-140 is equipped with a number of additional options:

laser pointer, which facilitates aiming when shooting with cartridges;
display showing information on the number of shots taken and the level of charge;
LED flashlight.

The taser can be optionally equipped with a Picatinny rail. For ease of carrying, a number of plastic and leather holsters have been created.

To adapt the size of the handle to a large male palm, you can install an extension nozzle with a built-in Li-Pol battery.

Main characteristics
Length, mm
154 ± 3
Width, mm
114 ± 2
Height, mm
42 ± 2
Weight, g
250 ± 30
Power, W
3 - 10
Voltage, V
70 000 – 120 000
Recommended exposure time, s