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Barrelless Pistol

Life is priceless, OSA will keep it 

Featured with high stopping capacity, PB-4SP OSA pistol doesn't cause serious damage to the criminal's health.

The PB-4SP OSA barrelless pistol kit is designed for personal protection of law enforcers at close ranges. The kit includes the PB-4SP pistol, non-lethal traumatic, signal, stun, illuminating, marking, lachrymatory.

Upon the Client's request the pistol may be equipped with a laser designator for quick aiming. The power of the designator is supplied by a powerful lithium battery.

Main characteristics
Dimensions, mm
134 х 39.4 х 120
Weigh, unloaded, kg
Clip capacity, rounds
Sighting devices
laser target designator, open sight
Operating temperature range, ºС
-30 to +50